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terry_lafever.jpg (5650 bytes)Kule Search is addictive, fun and challenging. There are a lot of programs out there but none to equal Kule Search. When you become a member of Kule Search you will discover that the more time you spend there the more you want to be there. It has so much to offer besides making a lot of money.
There are just not enough words to describe all the benefits of Kule Search! You have to experience the karma for yourself. Kule Search most likely will become the best program ever for Jane and Phil. Great effort guys and best wishes for all.

Happy Trails To Good Fortune!
Terry LaFever-Kule Search Founder
CharlesVV.jpg (14619 bytes)Any time I get an invite from Jane I join. Why? Because her recommendations are good as gold, I know upfront I will make money. So, no hesitation here, I joined Kule Search immediately. It is still in pre-launch so we Founders are more or less beta-testers as well :-). To make sure everything works fine when Kule Search is launched.

Kule Search is a search engine with a twist. It is specifically focused on social media sources, like for instance Twitter and Sokule. After joining we get logged in to a very nice looking website. We can search the engine using keywords and phrases, and then the engine will show the results. That is what the normal user will do.

But Kule Search offers more to Entrepreneurs. You can link your website to keywords and phrases, so they will rank high in the search engine. getting you more visitors and buyers. And you can buy and sell keywords and phrases. Let's call that a money making opportunity. That is real fun to do, it feels like being a day-trader on the stock market, you see the results of your transactions immediately in your member area.

The question then of course is: CAN you make money buying and selling keywords? That is an easy: YES, you can. How do I know? Because I did make money already on my first day! I am still astonished to see within 24 hours I not only earned back my total investment, but on top extra money. I made $ 3,000 in one day.

WOW, WOW, WOW. I am going to hurry back in the system now to make some more of the green stuff today, and every day :-)

As a last word for this testimonial: this is no hype or faked testimonial, what I wrote is true. I can prove it any time somebody would ask me. I mention this to make clear this is a golden opportunity that really works and that I can recommend it highly.

Charles van Veen /
Kule Search FOUNDER
What's to like with KuleSearch? A bunch, that's for sure... Likewise I somewhat DISLIKE it too... Why? Well, with their cheap prices and the good commissions I make, I simply keep on buying and re-buying every time... It's TOO MUCH FUN! It's TOO ADDICTIVE, lol...

When I leave the site alone for a couple of hours and then re-check my account, whoopsy, another whopping amount of money made, haha... I simply just cannot seem to spend my money @ KuleSearch, because it is doubling right back into my account every day! The only way NOT to earn on KuleSearch, is to leave my account alone. But every single minute I use mine, I'm making money...!

I'm in KuleLove... ;)
Joris Pasman
Ray Blee.jpg (4685 bytes)JANE IS RIGHT: KuleSearch is SO ADDICTIVE. I took up a Founders position only a few days ago and the KULE money is flowing by the minute. I already own some of the coolest key words on the Internet and you can have them to for Pennies in the Dollar.
Thanks Jane.

Ray Blee
Jane and Phil,

LOVE KuleSearch and I too am addicted to it. For a site that is just in beta/load testing it is absolutely remarkable. Now how could we not expect anything but the best from you both.

I can not WAIT to share with all my friends. The EARNING potential in here is unbelievable! Definitely has a STRONG RECOMMENDATION from me. I can also say that from just sharing the "concept" of the SECRET with friends they too are saying "COUNT ME IN!" What a blast!

Beverly Trca-Kitchen
co-Founder Perfect Storm Team
mikeg.jpg (3798 bytes)Hey Jane and Phil

I gotta tell you, I hate your new site.  I spend way to much time in there. It's a little like the stockmarket on steroids. Seriously, I wish I'd thought of this idea. You knocked this one right out of the park.
Mike G
Net Marketers
call me their
"Secret Weapon!"
Stephane.jpg (5341 bytes)It's not often I take the time to sit down and write out a testimonial, but I couldn't help but let you know how pleased I am with KuleSearch. Jane & Phil, Nothing excites me more than a tool that can increase my revenues. I can't seem to spend my money fast enough, every time I log in, I'm earning money!

This fully integrated Social Media Search Engine stands head and shoulders above its competitors. KuleSearch is going to save me a ton of time and help me reach the masses even more quickly.

Stephane Tourigny
KuleSearch Founder
LUUUVE KueSearch: You are right, I do not want to leave KS....

Happy Founder!
Gabriella DArko
Stephane.jpg (5341 bytes)Hi Jane,

Let's be honest, "addicted" is not really a strong enough word to describe using KuleSearch. You've certainly got a winner in this one.
Keith Darby

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