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KuleBuzz-What Is It? How To Create It?

What is KuleBuzz?

KuleBuzz is a special page that you can create with every keyword that you purchase at KuleSearch. It is an article that you create around the a keyword that you purchase.

The Purpose of KuleBuzz is...

To create a buzz on the search engines around your keyword, any site that you link to that keyword, and the article that you create.

Your KuleBuzz Pages will appear on the site map on KuleSearch letting you piggyback on the traffic from KuleSearch and helping your KuleBuzz page get indexed by the search engines. They will also appear in the members area and on the main site via the link - Shopping. Some elements are still be added.

Next you will be able to add your Amazon affiliate id (if you have one) and that will create products for you to sell related to your Keyword purchase and your KuleBuzz page. This amazon page is created automatically for you when you purchase a keyword and link a relevant website to it.

As this system develops it will also let you put your clickbank affiliate link on it and it will pick up related clickbank products as well as Videos. These features are being created now and will be available soon.

How To Create Your KuleBuzz Page...

1. First go to My Account in your members area At the bottom of your profile, you will see Check YES to Activate My KuleBuzz Pages:

2. To activate KuleBuzz, choose YES.

3. To activate your Amazon id, put your Amazon affiliate id in the box that says Amazon id. An example of an Amazon id looks like this kules-20.

4. Think of a keyword or keyword phrase that you would like to own. Before you purchase it, make sure you have a site set up to link to it your KuleSearch members area.

Note: You set up a site to link to by going to My linked sites and inserting a link and a description of your site and the url to your site.

5. Now buy the keyword of keyword phrase that you would like to own.

Here is what will happen...

A: Once you purchase your keyword, you will get a message box that says - Do you want to create a KuleBuzz page YES  l  NO. Choose YES.

B: The system will them ask you if you have a relevant website to link your site to. YES  l  NO - Choose YES and continue to the next page.

C: Now You will get a prompt page that will allow you to enter an article around the keyword you just purchased.

You should have your article ready to go before you buy the keyword. You have up to 600 words for your article plus a space for a short bio about yourself.

Once you complete entering your article in the prompt box, you will hit submit and an editor box will appear where you can make changes to your article. Make your changes and hit publish.

D: You will then be asked if you want to link your article to a relevant site that you are promoting. Choose YES. Remember you need to have a link already to go that you have already set up in The My Links Section.

E: Your final step is to link your amazon site to the keyword you just purchased. To do this go to MY KEYWORDS, select the keyword you just purchased, then click the link on the right that says - Link to Amazon.

Now when people search on your keyword term, the first thing they will see is your site at the top of all the searches and they will also see the following links under the description - KuleBuzz - Amazon - Videos.

The KuleBuzz Page link will go to the article you just created which we pinged 102 weblog sites about so the search engines know where to find it.

The Amazon Page link will show relevant products with your Amazon affiliate id in them that relate to your Keyword.

The Video Page link, being created now, will show relevant videos related to your keyword and these pages will also show related clickbank products on them with your ClickBank ID in the links.

Once you set up a Kulebuzz page, it will show in on the site map of KuleSeach. You can grab the url of that article and promote it on the net. This is a great way to reach a targeted audience and make sales.

Coming Soon...

* The ability to add clickbank products.
* The ability to add videos that relate to your product
* The ability to Private Label your articles and sell them to other KuleSearch members and make money from them.

KuleBuzz has three purposes.
1. To get traffic to your websites.
2. To let you sell related products through amazon and clickbank and help you make money.
3. To let you make money both from your keyword and from the article you produce around it.

Remember; A KuleBuzz Page a day, will keep your business growing and thriving.

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