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Keyword : Wealth2xtreme A Review By Jane Mark

Wealth2xtreme A Review By Jane Mark


Wealth2Xtreme A Review by Jane Mark

A new site just hit the net that is so inexpensive and has so much upside to it that I
wanted to give you my take on it.

The site is called Weath2xtreme and the potential to create millionaires on the net is
definitely embedded in this site.

The product is advertising and leads which every marketer needs and the entry price for the
site is only 7.50 which makes if affordable for all.

The pay plan is really unique. You get to keep 100% of the commissions that you make and with 1 sale you break even.

There are no matrixes to fill which I love because if you have ever tried to fill one, you know just how difficult that is to do.

From one referral you have the potential to earn over 20,475 because the pay plan is structured
as a pass 2 up plan.

This means that when you make your first sale. You keep it and keep 100% of the commissions.
Your second sale gets passed up to your sponsor.
The third sale you make you keep it.
The fourth sale gets passed up to your sponsor.

After your fourth sale, all sales are yours from then on and you keep 100% of the commissions.

Here is how it works.
You join here free.

In the members area you can choose the levels you want to upgrade to. So to start with you
upgrade to level 1 for 7.50.

If you decide to go higher, the levels go as follows:

Level 1 7.50
Level 2 10.00
Level 3 20.00
Level 4 40.00
Level 5 80.00
Level 6 160.00
Level7  320.00

And so on up to 12 levels. Each level costs double the level before it. You can go as high
as you want or stop at any level you like depending on what you can afford.

The site is fueled by what they call fear of loss. In other words if you are at level 1 and you make a sale to someone and they upgrade to level 3, you get the commissions for level 1 but the commission for levels 2 and 3 get passed up to your sponsor so you miss out on them.

My opinion is that most people will stop at level 4 and top out at level 7  but as soon as they see the kind of money they can make at this site, they will use some of their profits to go up an even higher level.

The site comes with some nifty bonuses for those that go up to at least level 4. They get valuable credits at two of the nets most respected business sites, Sokule and Yakamore, and the bonus value is many times more what they pay at any particular level so there is really absolutely no downside to joining this site at any level. People will come out winners if they never sign up anyone under them at all. That is a unique feature and well worth joining and upgrading to level 4 just to get the bonuses that come with that level.

I have been testing this site. Here are the facts: I started with 7.50 and 31 days later, I have $ 9660.70
in my bank account.  That's a whopping 1288% return on my investment.

I am giving this my ten *star* recommendation. I know the owners of the site well and they are straight shooters. They pay their commissions on time and are helpful to their clients.  It is simple to understand. Requires no experience and newbies and seasoned marketers alike can benefit from this site.

Wealth2Xreme looks to be a site that will be around for a long time and will help a lot of people on the net earn money without breaking the bank to join.


Jane Mark is an entrepreneur. She runs a 7 figure online advertising agency and has been successful online for the past 13 years. She is the President of Sokule Inc. and of JAM Marketing Inc. and always has her eye out for new programs that can help business people online make money.  ->   http://sokule.com

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