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Keyword : The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy

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The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy


While there are many experts that are focused on and concentrating their efforts or reaping the rewards of discovering and harnessing the energy that they believe will be a constant source of renewable energy - there is actually only one true and Ulimate Source of Renewable Energy and like most things that are valuable and necessary to man needing his discovery of it in order to survive on this planet - This Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy is not to be found in the ground or in the air or in the wind the rain or the Rivers -lakes or pond scum but in the minds of the humans that inhabit the earth - and perhaps other beings that may also be eventually discovered in the solar system and beyond in the great galaxies of the heavens -

Nowhere else than in the human minds lay the power to take the thoughts that come to them and transform the worlds that they inhabit - to invent - to create - to transform as well as to totally reshape the environment that humans inhabit to accommodate the environment to their liking to make things more pleasant and to allow them to better function and continue on further in their ability with their minds to create even more powerful and greater amounts of energy -

This transformation within the human mind can be stimulated - enhanced - magnified and redirected utilizing the colors - shapes - textures and thought provoking qualities of the thousands upon thousand of images which are being created and uploaded to The Bebirian Art Collection every single day and which themselves are being created by one single mind highly focused - concentrated and determined to mine the energies within it to share with the other minds within all of the other over 7.006 Billion humans beings living on the surface of the planet that we call earth -

It is suggested that if any individual human being is searching for an answer - striving for a means to discover or looking for a way to enhance their own individual means of transforming - reshaping - redirecting and enhancing their own innate abilities to create such grand amounts of energy - needed in the discovery and the challenge to highly focus and concentrate at just about any task at hand - that they do such enhancing of these innate abilities with the aid of the great power provided within each and every one of the now over 220,000 images provided in
The Bebirian Art Collection which is provided free for every single person on this planet earth who can make themselves available to internet access to utilize for such positive purposes without any cost to them at all -

It is my intention to show that the over 8 million people residing in New York City - the over 19 million people residing in New York State - the over 300 million people residing in the United States and the over 7 Billion people residing on the planet we have named earth each have equal and unlimited access to these images and can all either work together or individually to discover the great power of The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy that exists within each and every human being and how with the tools provided which I am indicating are the many images now showing within the many galleries of The Bebirian Art Collection there is an over abundance of ways in which this energy within all of these human minds may be easily and continuously tapped into -

thank you and I wish each and every human being on earth great success and all the best in all that you do!

Walter Paul Bebirian



Walter Paul Bebirian, a world-renowned photographer/artist, investor and thinker has been creating works of art since 1958.  ->   http://i00.us

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