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Art by Walter Bebirian

The Doorbell Rang. It was UPS with a large square package. I had been anticipating its arrival for several days.

For two years now, I have been looking at and admiring the artwork of one of my clients, Walter Bebirian, and made a commitment that, when I had time, I would take a very serious look at his artwork and buy one if it pleased me.

About two weeks ago, I saw may chance and I took a walk through a gallery of Images flooded with Art by Walter Bebirian. There were literally thousands to choose from but, I like abstract art, so I was caught by some squares of vibrant colors and chose that category to look through. One in particular caught my eye. It was series of small squares, set on an angle and as the rows of squares grew from the bottom of the print to the top they grew larger and more angled and the colors ever more vibrant.

That's for me I thought. I love the movement in it and the colors were hues of bright Yellow and shades of orange sitting on deep blues. The blue look like it was holding up these squares of color that grew more out of shape as they climbed to the top of the picture. Endless color followed by endless twists and turns. I love it instantly.

Then I turned to the buying of it which was equally intriguing. I could choose the colors and change them if I wanted to. I didn't. I could choose the size I wanted and buy it framed or unframed. In other words I could customize the art the way I wanted it.

I loved shopping for this art. I could decide from various sizes I wanted for the art work. Small, (16 by 10.7 inches) Medium (24 by 16 inches) or Large (32 by 21, 3) I chose the medium. I could order it framed or unframed. I chose the framed one. There was a sale going on the day I purchased and I got it for a very good price.

It arrived, carefully packed with foam forms on the edges and foam covering the actual work. I could barely wait to unpack it. I gasped when it finally was unraveled from it's packing. The colors were even more vibrant than they appeared on line. The angles of square forms had a magical quality as if someone had taken the colors and squeezed them up their hands letting them go whichever way they wanted in space. You can see the one I bought right here.

It reminds me of the Robert Frost Poem The Road Not Taken and the line:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

I will be back for more. I am now a Walter Bebirian groupie and I highly recommend that, if you want to own a work from a very talented artist and photographer, for your home or for your office at affordable prices and, if you want to pick the color of the artwork, and the size of the art work, it is yours for the taking.

Art by Walter Bebirian will delight you. It certainly delighted me.


Jane Mark is a collector of American Artists who are still living. Among her collections are art by Wendy Mark, Itzchak Tarkay, Robert Rauschenberg and now Walter Bebirian. Jane enjoys reviewing artists she has purchased. To afford her art collection Ms. Mark runs an online advertising business called Jam Marketing Inc. She is president of Sokule Inc, a popular online Social Media Site for business  ->   http://sokule.com

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