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1-Click Marketing Machine

1-Click Marketing Machine - The Future of Marketing...

The Future of marketing is here now. People who are looking to make money online need an easy way to get exposure for their websites. A new site that just launched solves that problem for business who are coming online and need to get their websites seen.

The name of the new site is 1 Click Marketing Machine and that is a perfect description of what it does. You pop a URL for any site that you are promoting into their submitter machine. You hit submit and instantly your site gets submitted to over 2000 blogs and pinged to weblogs. It submits to search engines and to back linking sites for you all on auto pilot.

You do nothing at all. 1-Click does it all for you.

The site was developed by the well known developer of Sokule, Phil Basten. As Mr Basten like to say: "Our Motto is: 1-Click and You're Done".

Members can choose a membership level that gives them one campaign and go all the way up to 10 campaigns where they can promote 10 different sites at one time on auto pilot. In Fact you can purchase as many campaigsn as you need.

Prices start at $97.00 for 1 campaign. $247.00 for 3 campaigns. $397.00 for 5 campaigns and $697.00 for 10 campaigns. So there is a package to suit every budget.

There is a one time offer for $97.00 which gets members into the site and give them one campaign to promote using the submission tools. If members miss the one time offer, they will pay $147.00 to gain entry to the site.

These are one time payments. Members pay once and get advertising done for them continously. As Jane Mark,one of the owners of the site says: "Give me a one time paymemt for advertising, at any site, and I am on it like whiskers on a cat"

Members can earn this back in a heart beat by reselling the service as an affiliate where they can earn $40.00 up to $200.00 per sale and they get paid daily. As Mr Basten describes it: "This is a site where you can Cash In With 1 Click."

With so many different ways to market online business owners often do not know where to turn to get help with their marketing.

1-Click is designed to help members bring eyeballs and traffic to thier site. It is not, however, an instant coffee machine where members can expect instant results. In fact, in order to generate lasting traffic, 1-click is specifically designed as a set it and forget it technology because submissions to sites must occur on a regular basis and over a long period of time.

1-Click employs various submission techniques among which are pinging and search engine techiniques and back linking techniques and many of these sites submitted to by 1-Click have guidelines to submit no more than every 30 days. 1_Click submits your websites the right way.

Jane Mark, one of the owners of 1 click and an avid user of submission techniques, puts it this way. "Anyone expecting instant results from any one kind of promotion online is barking up the wrong tree and needs to learn how to promote using what she calls Synergy Advertising" .

1-Click Marketing Machine offers a an inexpensive way to get started online without having to do any work. The sites that Mr Basten has chosen for this new auto pilot site are quality sites which leads Jane Mark, The President of Sokule Inc, to call this new site:" Her 1 Click dream machine" where your marketing is done in 20 seconds or less and then 1 Click takes it from there working in the background for you 24/7.


Jane Mark is the co owner of 1 click Marketing Machine. She is the president of Sokule Inc and the author of several best selling books on marketing including Sokule This is not Your Grandmothers Social Media Site and How to Start an Internet Business 36 Things You Need to Know ->  

==> http://www.1clickmarketingmachine.com/ <==

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