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The A Man Janes Sunday Sermon




Something got me up out of bed on Wednesday night. I’m an early to rise, early to bed person but something got me up on Wednesday night.

As I usually do when I can't sleep, I turned to one of my favorite online blogs to check out the news. The headline read: RIP, Steve. A picture of Steve Jobs beamed out from under the headline.

I thought I was about to read about the release of the new iPhone. Then I stopped and looked again. Underneath the picture it said: Apple Honors Co-Founder. Again I thought I was about to read a story about the new iPhone and then I read on: "The World Has lost an Amazing Human Being...Reactions: Obama, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg...Twitter Reacts...Jobs most important Moments as CEO...Most moving quotes."

In the background the news on TV was on covering The Occupy Wall Street events with a big Breaking News sign in front of them "Jobs Dies."

I couldn't help but thinking what a juxtaposition I was watching as the words Jobs Dies stood out in front of the make shift signs that read "Jobs now" that were folded into the background as the crowd stood silently mostly looking down at their iPhones which were ever present in the large crowd.

The Jobs crowd had marched passed by window earlier on their way down to Wall Street.

I tried to take the whole picture in. Words like innovation dies along with the jobs signs made the Breaking News sign and the mad as hell crowd seem to blend together as one.

I thought about the lack of education in the US now and the lack of jobs and how Steve Jobs had bucked all that and plowed through some very difficult times to head one of the most successful companies in the world. It occurred to me that it was not until Jobs was fired by Apple and then returned to the company that his most productive years and his legacy to the world grew beyond imagination.

I saw another headline that read: Michael Lewis, (The author of Moneyball) "American has to hit rock bottom like an addict" and I wondered as I again read the Breaking News "Jobs Dies" and again saw the signs of the protesters if, perhaps we had already hit rock bottom, and were about to emerge from decades of destruction to our middle class way of life or like Jobs would we develop cancer too soon and too early and die an untimely death.

It was getting late. I was tired. I had not had a chance to absorb all the chatter both in the foreground and the background of my TV.

I looked down at my own iPhone that I had owned for several years but had never used until very recently when my partner, Phil Basten, finally took me by the hand and told me it was time to come into the 21st century and learn to use a cell phone. I dutifully obeyed and soon became hooked and now carried my new pink iPhone everywhere.

The A Man had a profound effect on us all connecting up every nook and cranny of the world. I think he would have found it enormously ironic that his name was being carried by every news organization in the world and right behind it streamed an endless row of signs... We need JOBS now.

The next morning when I awoke and returned to my night before blog, the headline simply read: 1955-2011.

Who will take his place? Will you be the next A Man?



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