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Keyword : Kicking it up a Notch Janes Sunday Sermon

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Kicking it up a Notch Janes Sunday Sermon



Kicking it up a Notch Janes Sunday Sermon

Kicking...It's an interesting word and can be used in various ways.

The "legal" definition describes human aggressiveness and Lord knows there is too much of that around today.

But there are many more intriguing uses of the word kick or kicking.

I get a kick out of you.
Kicking him when he down.
Kick start something.
Let's kick around a football.
Kick football.
Kicking the tires.
Let's kick it up a notch.
Alive and kicking.
Aint that a kick in the head.
I did it for the kicks.
Getting your kicks.
Kicking the can down the road.
Kick the bucket.
Kick A..

There's even a website called Nice Kicks which is all about sneakers.

How about KuleKick? Okay. Okay I made that one up:) Don't going buying the domain. Kule is trademarked by us and besides we already own KuleKick.

I use the word when I want to describe a business that is up and coming and seem to have some merit or promise.

Kicking it up a notch-Janes Sunday Sermon

This week on the net, there were several businesses that kicked it up a notch.

Let's start with Sokule. Sokule added a new feature called Sokwall 2.0 which is designed to get your  posts listed on the search engines. We will be holding a webinar on just how to do this on Saturday,  Oct 8th and you can join us right here for a live demo.

Part of this webinar will be to compare and contrast Sokwall 2.0 at Sokule with KuleBuzz at KuleSearch and I think you will find this information very interesting. We are going to
show you that you don't need to pay thousands of dollars a month to seo experts to get
your own sites listed on page 1 of Google.

Also Kicking it Up a Notch This Week...

Just one week ago an advertising site with a mailer kicked it up a notch by adding a matrix to the site. It is called Ricochet Riches and you can get into it for as little as 10 bucks for an ad pack and then decide if you want to move on into the matrix which is 35 bucks for a position.

Here is my story.

I cycled 22 times in one week taking in 440.00 cash but I also got matching bonuses of 520.00 allowing me to buy 52 more ad packs for a total of 93 ad packs. These ad packs gave me hundreds of thousands of mailing credits at two contact mailers so you know I was ga ga about that but then get this...

The site pays me 2% every day on each of my ad packs and I don't do one darn thing to get that. It is an automatic payment that shoots me 18.60 per day while I am off doing other things and every day I add to my ad packs so that daily payout just gets bigger and bigger every single day.

So bottom line:

I earned 990.00 in one week. I have more mailing credits than I can probably use in a lifetime which will let me pocket even more dough through my own mailings and I get paid 2% daily on 93 ad packs and I don't have to promote or do one thing to collect that.

Ricochet Riches is a definite must have in your advertising arsenal and a site that will kick it up a notch for you.

There are some other sites that I am watching that are kicking A on the net and I will tell you about them this week. For today they will remain a mystery:) Keep a keen eye out for a launch happening on Thursday, Oct 6th. It will pop right into your inbox. The initials are HTSAIB36TYNTK. Forget about figuring that one out:) You will hear all about it on Tuesday. Watch for my mailing.

I can tell you this: that my partner, Phil Basten, is testing out a new Kule Site today that will definitely kick  it up a notch for you. Our programmers are working on two more new sites all designed to get you noticed on the net They are very Kule (pronounced cool) advertising sites all of which are designed to change the way your story ends.

So here is what you need to do today.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule join us.
If you are not yet a member of KuleSearch join us.

You want to be a member of both these sites so you know what is going on at our live demo webinar next week.

Then register for our webinar which is going to open your eyes up as to just how to use these two sites to drive traffic to your own site.

Join Ricochet Riches and put your hands on their mailers and their 2% daily cash.

If you want to kick it up a notch in your own business that go kick A.. Today.

Go get um



Jane Mark is president of JAM Marketing Inc., an online professional advertising agency and President of Sokule, Inc. a popular Social Media aggregator. She is the author of several books the latest of which is Sokule This is Not Your Grandmother's Social Media site.  ->   http://sokule.com

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