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I Am Troy Davis Janes Sunday Sermon



I Am Troy Davis-Janes Sunday Sermon

People all over the world stood up on Wednesday night and simply said: "I Am Troy Davis". At 11.08 PM Wednesday, Sept 21nd, Troy Davis died by lethal injection in the State of Georgia. He proclaimed his innocence to the end. His last words were: “May God have mercy on your souls, May God bless your souls."

Convicted of killing a policeman, Mark MacPhail, in 1989, Mr. Davis was tried and convicted of murder and sentenced to die.

Appeals and evidence over the years caused people of all cultures, all religions, all political persuasions to look up from their everyday, busy routines and hit the pause button.

It mattered not if one was for or against capital punishment. People on both sides of the capital punishment issue came together to say: No: This is not who we are. From The Pope to Prison wardens, people who examined the evidence cried out to be heard. "No! This is not who we are."

Pope Benedict, Barry Scheck from the Innocence Project, Bob Barr, Republican Congressman from Georgia, William Sessions, Former FBI Chief, Former Georgia Supreme Court Chief, The Reverend Al Sharpton, John Lewis, democratic congressman from Georgia, Amnesty International, Former President Jimmy Carter from Georgia, Dr. Allen Ault, retired Director of the Georgia Department of Corrections and former Warden of the Georgia Prison where Troy Davis was executed all lent their voices to try to stop this march to death.

The Trial hinged entirely on eye witness testimony. Out of 10 witnesses at the trial, 7 recanted their testimony many saying they had been coerced at the time by the police to finger Troy Davis. One admitted he wasn't even at the scene of the crime. The gun allegedly used in the crime turned out to have faulty ballistic tests that did not confirm the killing.

Three jurors said that if they knew then what they knew now, they would not have convicted him at all. If I knew then what I know now," Brenda Davis, one of the jurors in the trial told CNN in a 2009 interview, "Troy Davis would not be on Death Row. The verdict would be 'not guilty.'"

Appeal after appeal brought more and more doubt into the case and still no new trial was ordered or held. On Tuesday, Sept 20th, The Georgia appeals board in a 3 to 2 decision denied Mr. Davis' request for clemency. That 3 to 2 decision tells you all you need to know about this case. If that had been a jury, Mr. Davis, would be alive today.

Time ran out on Wednesday night when the Supreme Court denied a request to stay the execution without comment. All of the normal safeguards that society relies on to assure justice fell apart as one court and one appeals process after another failed an already suspect system where the issue was not what the evidence showed but whether the process had been fair. Process took precedent over facts and injected its lethal dose into the arm of Mr. Davis at 10.54 pm. He was pronounced dead at 11.08 pm.

Eye Witness accounts to the taking of Troy Davis life described his final moment like this:

'Strapped to a gurney and minutes from death, Davis stated that he had not carried a gun the night of the murder and did not shoot the officer, Mark MacPhail, in a fast food restaurant parking lot on an August night in 1989.

Speaking directly to MacPhail's brother and son, who witnessed the execution, Davis beseeched them to continue to examine the events that night.' "All I can ask is that you look deep into this case so you can really find the truth," he said.

'Davis then addressed prison officials preparing to inject him with a lethal mix of chemicals. "May God have mercy on your souls, May God bless your souls" he said.

At 11.08 PM Wednesday, Sept 21st, Troy Davis died by lethal injection in the State of Georgia.

People all over the world stood up on Wednesday night and simply said: "I am Troy Davis.



Jane Mark is an observer and commentator on events in the United States and along with thousands of others stood up to say: I am Troy Davis. May God Have Mercy on all of our souls.  ->   http://facebook.com/sokule

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