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How to Start An Internet Business 36 Things To Know



How To Start An Internet Business-36 Things You Need to know Now

Are you starting an internet business online and feeling like you are all thumbs and
have no clue where to begin.

Help is on the way.

A great New book just hit the net and will soon be in all your local books stores. It
is called: How To Start an Internet Business-36 Things You Need to know.

11 Successful entrepenuers contributed chapters to this book which is currently in
PDF form until its official launch in October of 2011.

The book is the first one in a series that will be published over a years time and
the topic of the first book gets you started on your way to establishing an internet
business by reading the way 11 of us got our start. The emphasis of the book is on
what works and what doesn't and it can be a road map for anyone who needs a start up
point but may not know what to look for.

The Authors of the chapters in How To Start an Internet Business reads like a who's
who of success. Dennis Becker, Willie Crawford,Nicole Dean, Reed Floren, Connie
Reagan Green,Jane Mark, Susanne Myers,Rachel Rolfe,Marlon Sanders.Tahir Shab,Dr Mani Sivasubramanian.

Topics range from Business Practices and Marketing, focus, failure is your friend
to JV Partnerships, oursourcing your work and how to be profitable from day 1.

The book contains personal stories from the authors as well as real practical advice
such as how to market using Social Media, blogs, articles,videos and viral reports
and how to brand yourself online.

How To Start an Internet Business-36 Things you Need to know is presented in a way
that you can just scroll through to the topics you want to know more about and come
back to all of it as you need to.

You can keep this book as a resource tool sitting on your desktop and, when something
happens in your own online business, or you want to make something happen, go back
and read the chapter on your own interest and when you are ready for it.

In October of 2011, this book will launch to all the major book stores. Right now
it can be obtained for 9.00 in its PDF form and can be read online.

Anyone who even has a gleam in their eye or is curious about how to start a business
online, should get their hands on a copy.

There are videos which tell a short story about this book. You can meet the authors
here and get an overview of the book and it's jazzy cover here.


You can order the book hot off the press right here.



Jane Mark is runs a professional online ad agency and has been doing this sucessfully
for the past 12 years. She is president of Sokule, Inc and the author of several books
including her latest Sokule: This is NOT Your Grandmother's Social Media Site.  ->  


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