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Turn On The Internets  Janes Sunday Sermon



Turn On The Internets

My Mother always asks me: "What is it exactly that you do on that net thing?" No matter how many times or how many ways I tried to explain it to her, I seem to get a nod of the head and then a blank stare:)

Moms can be like that- Especially ones that do not like to turn on the internets much. I am sure that many of you know exactly what I mean.

But...If I could get her to turn on the internets more, here is what she would see-A group of very innovative, book learning, creative entrepreneurs-many of them headed to creating real wealth in a world where that is becoming increasingly hard to do.

I am constantly amazed at the creativity and innovative spirit of people I work with on the net. They are class acts and I am delighted to be part of their world.

The productivity and entrepreneurial spirit of those around me keeps me on toes day in and day out.

I am always learning something new and inventive that makes me shake my head and say Wow! Where did that come from?

This week will be a busy week where the entrepreneurial spirit will be on full display and I want to give you a preview of the coming attractions because they have my head spinning and my full attention.

Monday September 19th...

First up on Monday September 19th is a real class act. I have been working with 2 extraordinary people, Chris McCale and Dick Moody, who you will meet and I have been working with them for the past 8 weeks on a book that comes out tomorrow.

8 Weeks ago, my good friend, Willie Crawford, asked me if I would write a chapter for a new book that was coming out. When I saw the list of who was involved in this project, my jaw dropped and it elicited a Wow! The book will be on sale starting tomorrow to a limited group of people before it makes its way into the book stores. It is called Start Your Internet Business 36 Things You Need To know and it is required reading for anyone who works on the net.

Catch The Coming Attractions here 

Watch for my link tomorrow and you can bet there will be a big Sokule Sokens bonus with this one so keep your powder dry. I expect all of you to put a copy of this on your desk to tomorrow It will open your eyes up about just how business is done on the net and from those who actually know what they are doing and whereof they speak which is always refreshing:)

September 21st

On September 21st at 11.00 am est., Jim Carpenter and I will do what I am calling the "Jim and Jane show".

You can register for that show right now. It won't cost you a dime to be there.

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now

Jim is one of the highest earners on the net and he is going to show us all two of his latest inventions. One is a 2 up site where you can earn a lot of dough and I mean
a lot. It is called TheDailyMegaWealthCreator System and that is just what it does because after just two sales, you keep 100% of the sales. Jim will show you exactly how this works on Wednesday.

but Jim doesn't stop there. He couples this site with marketing tools that you can use to
get those sales that you need which is what I love about this. He doesn't leave you floundering on your own wondering what to do next. You can find his marketing site right here:

I will demonstrate for you how to take these two sites and promote them on Sokule so be sure to join us on Wednesday at 11.00 am est.

September 22

Here is one you are going to love. Ricochet Riches which is one of my favorite sites on the net is adding a fun part to it on Wednesday and you can get positioned for it right now Join here

Gregg and Wayne, the owners of RR, will be kicking it up a notch on Wednesday by adding a 1 by 2 easy to fill matrix at an affordable price. Get in under me now. I will be promoting the heck out of this one and being under me couldn't hurt.

Later This Week

And finally, at the end of the week, Sokule will be adding something we call Sokwall 2.0
to its already fabulous posting sites. I will have more to say about that later on in
the week. If you were at Sokule's Birthday Party yesterday, you already got a preview of the Sokwall 2.0 addition to Sokule. It has the Wow factor built in and it is coming at you later this week. If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us right here

So Here's the bottom line.

Working on the net and earning a living online is a constant source of innovation and
surprise. You can make it work for you but, like anything else in life, you need to
know what you are doing. If you stick around and listen to those who actually do make
their living online, you are going to have it rub off on you.

Turn on the internets this week.

It will be a week that can guide you down a road to success.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.



Jane Mark is a turner on of the internets daily. She makes her living on line by running a professional ad agency called JAM Marketing Inc. She is the author of several books on internet marketing the latest of which is called: Sokule: This is Not Your Grandmothers Social Media Site  ->   http://sokule.com

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