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Reason to Believe


Reason to Believe Janes Sunday Sermon

"At the End of the hour, when I'm drained of all power, I Still find a reason to believe"

Many of you know my personal story about 9.11. I was there.

It's Been 10 years since I watched the towers go down in front of me. Ten Years later we are still on a terrorist alert in New York City.

Two Presidents are coming to town today and there are more police wandering the streets than I have seen, at any time, since the weeks following 9.11. In New Jersery, low flying open sided helicopters hover with their guns showing and children look up at the sky and ask why?

In the midst of this fortress-like zone, I was wandering around the net and I stopped dead in my tracks at this subject line:

Joe Scarborough Releases Powerful Antiwar Song Called 'Reason To Believe'. The Song is about the September 11 terrorist attacks and an anti war song.

I read the subject line at least 2 or 3 times and thought to myself...

I must be dreaming. I know Joe Scarborough .I watch Morning Joe. We agree on almost nothing so naturally I sort of thought the subject line

'Reason To Believe': Joe Scarborough Releases Powerful Antiwar Song" must have been someone's idea of a bad joke.

I dug deeper and read the story behind that headline and then out of curiosity flipped on the play button on the video in the article.


 Play it now


A powerful video story of 9.11 and the wars to follow, accompanied by what is unmistakenly Joe Scarborough's voice, came hauntingly out of the computer at me and struck a chord.

The song is wonderfully melodic and I am a singer of songs, when I have the time, so I began to hum along. I called my partner, Phil Basten over to the computer.

"Phil you gotta here this. It's Joe Scarborough singing this really lovely song and it's about 9.11 and it's an antiwar song. "

Phil looked at me like I had just lost my mind. " Are you raving mad?" He said in that Australian Twang that he uses.

"No! Phil, I am serious. Listen! "  I said, pointing at the computer.

I played the song again. Soon we were both singing along full throated:

"At the end of the hour when I'm drained of all power, I still find a reason to believe."

I am a great believer in the healing power of music and it's unending power to unite us.

As I say,  Joe Scarborough and I agree on almost nothing and now that doesn't seem to matter much.

We agree on the heartbreak of 9.11 and the heartbreak of wars that have gone on too long and with just one song, I am a Joe Scarbourough fan. I hope he is as surprised to have a Democratic Fan as I was to find a Republican with a heart as well as a good voice.

Give a listen. This version is Joe singing live on the view. For those of you who love to sing along, I have reprinted the words to the song. Here are the Lyrics for those of you who are singer of songs.

Maybe there is hope after all.


Jane Mark is a singer of songs and a writer and loves having her world turned topsy turvey by a Republican with a heart and a good voice. She is the author of Sokule: This is not your Grandmothers Social Media Site and President of Sokule, Inc  ->   http://sokule.com

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