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Do Not Rain on my Parade Janes Sunday Sermon


Tomorrow is Labor Day in the States. All around the country people will be celebrating and watching parades.

The Republicans, in Wisconsin, asked permission to march in the Labor Day Parade. That's what you call hutzpah. First they try to kill the Labor unions and then they want to walk with them. The parade organizers turned them down.

"Don't rain on my parade" they were told.

Goodnight Irene and to The Rest of You...

Hurricane Irene killed 40 people that we know about and flooded out and stranded hundreds of thousands more. The damage over 8 states has been estimated at 7 billion dollars so far.

All the Governors, of both parties, asked for Federal Government aid. The President and Fema were right by their sides.

Eric Cantor, The majority leader in the US House of Representatives, said: We will have to find the money first. We'll get back to you on this.

Just tell those people with no electricity and no businesses to open or no roads to travel on to...

"Stop raining on Congress's parade."

Jobs, The Word You Rarely Hear in Washington

Over 25 million Americans are unemployed or under-employed. They want to hear about jobs and how to get one and they want to hear about that now.

President Obama asked to speak at a Joint Session of Congress on Sept 7th when congress reconvenes.

"No! You can't" He was told by House Speaker Boehner. We have votes to take. We can't set up security on time. What he really meant was...

We have a Republican debate that night and we need to know about things like:

How science is foolish and you can't trust it.
Why Social Security is a ponzi scheme?
Why corporations are people?
How to make government inconsequential in your lives except when it comes to interfering with women's rights or making it real hard to vote.
Why those immigrants who come into this country should be hunted down by drones.
Why God brings on earthquakes and hurricanes and cracks the Washington Monument
and, by the way, when he does how can we get rid of Fema and throw in the department of education too.
Why the rich need more tax cuts.
And what can we dream up today to make sure President Obama fails?
These are the weighty issues of the day for Republican Candidates.

Jobs? Who Cares? As long as we have one, please...

Do not rain on our parade.

So what's a person to do?

If you're a Republican in Wisconsin or Ohio or Michigan it might not be a good idea to show up at a Labor day Parade or at least be prepared to duck when the eggs come flying.

You probably shouldn’t show up in Vermont either because the roads are impassable-But not to worry- eggs are in short supply after the hurricane.

You certainly might consider watching the Republican debate but not if you are interested in finding out how to get a job. The debate outcome is already known. There is a two word answer to every problem. Tax Cuts. You will hear it for two hours and when that is not playing like a broken record, shrinking the government and getting rid of all those pesky programs like food protection, clean air and water or fema or the department of education or Medicare and Social Security will be food for thought. The only thing that won't be on the menu is any real solution on how to get food on your table.

The next night you may want to consider watching the football game instead of the President's address to the joint session of congress. The football game will have an end. Someone will win and someone will lose. All the players will have jobs at the end of the game. The President’s speech, no matter what it contains, will end up on the floor of congress, stomped on top of a pile of Democratic bills that all begin with the word jobs but never made it to a vote on the floor of the Congress.

Not one new job was created in the month of August or so we were told on Friday. The economists were out in force explaining that the debt ceiling debacle made everyone nervous but jobs have not been on the lips of the Congress since they took over in January. There has been a deficit of thinking since January 2011 and jobs were the biggest loser in that debate.

The President’s speech, on September 8th, to the Congress will fall on deaf ears.

Jobs are not on our agenda, Mr. President.

Please stop raining on our parade.

I watch these goings on. I shake my head in disbelief. If I ran my online business like this, I would be out of business before a snake can shed his skin.

I deal with people and partners who disagree with me every day in business. I listen to their ideas. Some I discard. Some are great and I adopt them. Some I file away for future use but no matter what I do, I do not get off the phone with business associates and leave them with harsh words or make them feel small or silly.

I deal with clients every day. They ask me for suppot and for help. I try to give it to them. They provide some great ideas along the way. There is no way my partner, Phil Basten, and I can possibly think of everything and our clients provide us with information that is invaluable. We treasure it. Sure there are some nasty sobs to deal with along the way. We try to deal with them with honey not vinegar and it keeps our bread buttered and puts gas in the car.

Our politicians and our media pundits might be taken a lot more seriously if they ran the government a bit more like business does where customers are important and creative ideas are cherished. When you do not try new things in your business, you doom it to failure so...

Here is what I think.

I think the American people are a lot wiser than they are given credit for and a lot kinder than their government.

Over the years they have solved a lot of weighty problems using good old American know-how and values that unite not divide a country. I think they will solve this no jobs economy too and they will solve it in 2012 but...

Until then, those of you who are looking for jobs won't find a congress willing to help you and many of you will not find an unemployment check waiting for you either. Until you change those conditions, you're on your own.

If more earthquakes come, you're on your own. If more hurricanes come, you're on your own. Need a loan for college,? You're on your own. Health care.? Forget about it. A Tsunami may hit Alaska but hey, they can see Russia from their porches, so they're on their own or maybe they can get Russia to help with a little cajoling.

You can keep getting rained on or make a parade of your own and change the Congress in Washington to those with new ideas and whose goal is not to make the economy fail.


I don't know about you but I am tired of being held hostage and together we can break these chains.


I'm betting on you but then who knows...

Maybe you will rain on my parade too.



Jane Mark is an optimist with a great deal of faith in the basic fairness inbred in Americans over the centuries but just in case she is wrong, she makes a living online running a professional online advertising agency.  ->   http://jammarketinginc.com/

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