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Responsive List Mailers


Communication is a significant part of our everyday living. Without communication, we would have difficulty in understanding each other and we would never be able to sustain any relationships. This is also true with whatever we do every day whether we are at home or at work.

In business, this is called advertising and it plays a very vital role for the success of an endeavor. Advertising functions as an avenue for business people to make their products known to their prospective markets.

With the advancement of the internet today and the sheer number of people using it in a daily basis, it is only wise for any business person to engage advertising using the net. Now, half of all the people using the internet either sends or check emails in a typical day.

This illustrates that Email Marketing is a potent means of reaching out to get your own product known to your market.

There are so many email marketing tools and services available for business people. Among the best of them is a website called Kule Mail. What makes this mailer special is that you get to send email to over 300,000 subscribers. You can email up to 10, 000 members every three days. Also, you get to use their contact list for your own promotion. Another good point for using this mailer is that you can be a member for free and as a free member you can avail of some benefits including commissions. You can join the list for free but to access the mailer you need to be an upgraded member.

Kule Mail is owned by both Jane Mark and Phil Basten who are both well known list mailing developers. Jane Mark is known as the Queen of lists on the net and is the author of the book All Your Lists in One Place.

If you’re thinking about using email as a means of advertising, Kule Mail could be an excellent choice for you. It is, after all, the ultimate marketing tool for serious marketers!


Jane Mark is an expert on list development. She is the author of several books on internet advertising including All Your Lists in One Place. She and her partner, Phil Basten, have developed over 60 list mailing sites with over half a million subscribers under their two companies JPE Advertising and JAM Marketing Inc.-> http://allyourlistsinoneplace.com

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