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Fuzzy Math


When does 4 plus 3 = 2021 Jane's Sunday Sermon

When I make a mistake it's a doozy. I try not to make them often but, I have been
known to step in it a time or two.

True Story....

This past week I got calls from 2 very good friends and well-known marketers on the
net whose names will remain private.

In the course of our conversations, a new site on the net came up in the discussion.

The first person told me he had been placed in this company at the top of the company in position number 4 and how did I think it was going?

The second one told me he had been offered a a place in this company in position number 4 and how did I think it was going?

Well...you get the picture. 2 friends called me to talk about JV's and other matters.

During the course of the conversation, each one asked me how I thought things were going and each had been told they were in position 4 in the company.

Well, imagine their surprise when I told them I was in position 4 in the company:)

When does 4 plus 3 = 2021 Jane's Sunday Sermon

You only have 1 thing in business that is of any real value and that is your reputation based on your word.

Sometimes both are hard to protect but, if you can,you should try to protect them at all costs.

2 people that I know of were all told they were in position number 4 right at the top of a
company and they should get right out there and promote because this was going to be a bonanza for everyone involved.

And I was told the same thing.

So out I went and promoted.

Imagine my surprise when the matrix opened up and there I was in position 2021.

Number 4 turned into 2021:)

Right then and there I knew I was dealing with fuzzy math and that I had told my subscribers something that turned out not to be true which I sincerely apologize for.

So let me say this clearly.

I was suckered and I apologize to all my list subscribers. You will not see this particular
promotion from me again.

There are many good sites on the net where there are quality products and where fuzzy math is not practiced.

You will see that I am number 1 on the leaders boards of three of these sites and proud to be on them.


One is a new launch called FAP. It has a matrix or levels, as they call them, and
Yes, I am really at the top of this company right under the company link.

This means my promotions can actually help you fill your levels and, if we all promote
as a team, you are going to see real payoffs for everyone right down the line.

The product is a mailer and you know that tickles my fancy and makes me go ga ga.

The cost of FAP is 24.95, one time, so this is affordable for all, and offers real lasting
value to you long after the levels die down to a dull roar after launch.

If you are not in FAP yet or have not upgraded yet do both here. There is a double up Sokule Sokens bonus waiting for you when you do. (see below)

Master Marketer Mailer

The second is a really good mailer that I use every 2 days without fail. You can mail to
5000 members and more if you have credit bonuses and your stats are staring you right in the face after your mailing so you know, if your promotions are capturing the imagination of list members or not.

The mail goes out right away and this is well worth the price which varies from
49.00 to 125.00 per month depending what level you go in on.

This also has a matrix and I am right at the top of this company for real as I was in
the door before the doors opened:)

AutoBotCash Bash

This is a nifty set and forget bot that goes to market for you as soon as you purchase it
and you get paid quickly at this site. It works in the background for you while you
go off and do other things.

A check for 3800.00 is in my hands from just telling people about this bot. People like this site because it drives traffic to your sites working in the background for you.

The cost is 197.00. You can make that back in a heartbeat just by telling people about this site but, even if you cannot promote well, put this bot to work for you and let him drive traffic to your site on auto pilot.

All three of these sites are keepers.

All have Sokule bonuses waiting for you in the members area when you upgrade.

I will double those bonuses today when you upgrade under my link. All you need to do
is follow the bonus instructions in the members area and then, when you request the
Sokule bonus, just add Double Me in the subject line if you are upgraded under me.

Have a great Sunday and don't practice fuzzy math. It will get you in hot water every time.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us right here Sokule

Then look in the members area of FAP or Master Marketer or AutoCashBot and you will find a Sokens bonus waiting for you. Why is this important? Because those bonuses also help your conversions at the site and that's not fuzzy math:)


Jane Mark is the President of Jam Marketing Inc and Sokule Inc and has been providing
advertising services to online businesses for the past 12 years. She is the author of
several books, the lastest of which is: Sokule: This is Not Your Grandmother's Social
Media Site-> http://sokule.com

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