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My Favorite Traffic

A lot of people have this misconception that setting up a good website is all it takes to attract huge traffic. However, this is untrue. To gain ongoing traffic to your site is a process which requires some work and attention to detail. Simply put: No one will know about your website unless you can drive traffic to it and advertise it in an effective way. Nobody will notice your site if no one ever visits it.

Advertising plays a very significant role in any business, whether online or not. For your part, you need advertising to drive traffic to your site. You need to drive traffic to your site to have visitors. You need visitors because basically they are the ones who will sign up and buy your products.

There are tons of ways to advertise your site and attract huge traffic. Just keep it in mind that the traffic you want to drive into your site are people who are potential buyers. You want to look for a group of people who are interested in the product you offer and target them as potential traffic to drive to your site. We call this getting warm bodies to your site-people who are already interested in what you selling even before they get to your site.

One way of promoting your site is through a site called My Favorite Traffic. What sets this site apart from many other traffic offers is that, not only does it carry regular traffic, but also traffic which you don’t find in many places, such as Alexa Traffic. It also offers a service where you can get you site posted to all the major social media sites like twitter and Facebook and 84 other large, popular social media sites. and targeted blogs. You don’t do anything at all. My Favorite Traffic does all the work for you through their social posting service.

Lastly, the traffic you generate is targeted by country and category. Meaning, your message is getting out to people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Getting these people’s attention and driving them into your website is the best thing that could happen to your online business because not only are you able to successfully drive traffic to your site but you also have interested people as potential buyers.

My favorite traffic just added a enw service that is really cool. You can order trackers at Sokule both targeted and non targeted and build a list on auto pilot

When choosing traffic to buy make sure you choose wisely and always target to the audience you want to reach.



Jane Mark is a traffic expert. For the past 12 years she has run a professional online advertising agency. She is a social media expert and the author of the book Sokule: This is Not Your Grandmother’s Social Media Site. You can find out more about the targeted traffic resources she uses at My Favorite Traffic-> http://myfavoritetraffic.com

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