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What Are Sokens At Sokule


Sokens are a word that was coined by the well know Social Media Site, Sokule.

They are like credits that Sokule members can earn in order to build a list at Sokule and sokule makes it dead easy for you to build a list fast and large using sokens. In fact, you do not have to do a thing to build a list at Sokule. They do it for you on auto pilot.
Sokule members get sokens when they join Sokule. They get Sokens when they introduce other member to Sokule. They get Sokens by rating people's posts at Sokule and they get Sokens when they track or follow others at Sokule.

To date, Sokule has given away or sold over 42 billion Sokens and they are the coin of the realm at Sokule.

Once a list has been built for a member at Sokule, they can email that list every 3 days, a perk that no other Social Media site provides to its members.

Sokule members have lists as large as 17,000 members and those lists grow daily by offering Sokens to other members at Sokule. There is no limit to the size list Sokule members can grow.

Over 350 sites on the net offer Sokens as a bonus to their own members because they know they will help their members grow a mailing list on the net and for many people that is the most valuable asset they can have on the net.Sokule makes it easy to build a list. It is done automatically for every member and Sokens is what makes it possible.

Phil Basten, the developer of Sokule explains Sokens this way." We know how hardit is to build a list online. Many people simply cannot do it. When we developed Sokule, we built in an auto pilot list and that has made it possible for many Sokule users to develop their own business online.


Once you have a list, you can develop a relationship with that list and that means sales for your business.


Jane Mark is the Author of several books among them Joe? Yes Mable? Are We Richyet? and Sokule: This is NOT your Grandmother's Social Media Site. Together withher partner, Phil Basten, Jane has been providing online advertising services for businesses for the past 12 years.-> http://sokule.com

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