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OnyaList A Review


OnyaList A Review

What if you could send out a mailing online and be sure that you would never lose a lead again?

What if you could promote a site, any site and be sure that even if your visitors don’t join that site, you will have their name and email address and a way to contact them.

What if you could earn commissions 50% from a site just by telling others about it?

What if you could get hundreds of leads from just one mailing and have three ways to make sales from that one mailing

The” what ifs” are over.

A New site launched called OnyaList

You can create stunning capture pages and redirect them to any site at all. In fact you can redirect them to 3 sites one after the other creating a powerful sales funnel that will make you sale after sale.

All of your leads with their names and emails will show up in your back office at Onyalist and you can export them anywhere you like.

You can also attach an auto responder like Aweber, Get Response or Traffic wave to your capture page and get your leads into your auto responder list at the same time that you get them at OnyaList and Onyalist plans to add many more auto responders in the future.

The motto at OnyaList is: Never Lose a Lead Again and they deliver on that big time.

OnyaList is simple to use

You can create a stunning capture page in about 60 seconds. Developer, Phil Basten, set the site up so that anyone can use it.

You can put your own words up on the capture page or simple click and insert pre made copy.

You can customize the page anyway you like by changing the color of the text , changing the background images, changing overlays, changing action button and you can even upload your own images

The existing background images are unique and will not be found anywhere else on the net. NY Artist, Walter Bebirain provided many of the images used at Onyalist and professional photographers that work for owner, JAM Marketing Inc., have provided many more images.

None of the capture pages you create at OnyaList will be seen coming and going on the net as so many canned background images are.

You can create a sales funnel which according to developer Phil Basten “turns your mailings from a one trick pony into the ability to sell three sites at one time. “

Setting up your capture pages is a simple process. It is literally a 1.2 3 click save process. Jane Mark, one of the owners of Onyalist specifically requested that this marketing tool be “drop dead easy” to use so that anyone marketer online can use it without any technical knowledge needed at all.

There are two membership levels at OnyaList

Professional: The cost is 47.00 to join. This is a one- time payment affordable for all. Newbies just starting out on the net may prefer this membership level. This level lets you create 10 stunning capture pages but is limited in the flexibility of what you can add to those pages.

Unlimited: An unlimited membership is 67.00 paid in addition to the 47.00 which all members pay but it is well worth it. It lets you upload your own images, create unlimited capture pages, add videos to those pages and add a sales funnel with 3 redirect urls which is the heart and soul of OnyaList.

People who join early get grandfathered in to any new applications that OnyaList adds in the future.

Everyone who joins Onyalist gets an affiliate link that they can promote and earn commissions from reselling Onyalist. Professional members earn 35% on every sale. Unlimited members earn 50% on  every sale. The site is currently converting at an astonishing 76% from the 47.00 to the 67.00 sales something that is almost unheard of on the net.

Examples of some capture pages that are being created at OnyaList look like this:






You can edit theses capture pages anytime you like right in the members area of Onyalist.

There is no software to download. You just log into your Onyalist site and you can create everything right there online and put it into immediate use.

Full stats are available that show you how many click you get to Your Onyalist site and you get all of your leads that come from that site deposited right in your back office.

As Jane Mark, One of the Owners of Onyalist says: “When you become a member of OnyaList, you will Never Lose a Lead Again."



Jane Mark is the owner of 60 Advertising sites online and together with her partner, Phil Basten has been creating advertising sites for business for the past 13 years. Onyalist is the latest addition and has been getting high marks for its unique, simple, lead capture and sales system.  ->   http://onyalist.com

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