How to Choose Effective Keywords

Keyword research is a critical aspect of any search engine campaign. If you select the wrong keywords, your customers may never find you, and you could waste money. The trick is to be competitive with your selections and get your site to rank for popular terms that people actually use when they search.

Strategy 1: Choose Keywords People Search On ...

This might sound simplistic but it amazes me how many people don't choose keywords phrases that others are using when they search. So your key here is to find out what words or terms other uses when they search and choose those keywords and phrases to own and link to.

To help you do this in a way that is both smart and saves you time, we have listed one of the best keyword research tools online below so you don't need to look for one. If you decide to use Keyword Spy you should be aware that we will be compensated for your purchase but this is not the primary reason we included it here. It is literally one of the best we have seen. It allows you to spy on your competition and see what words and phrases they are using.

Strategy 2: Don't Reinvent The Wheel...

Don't just think you know what words and phrases are popular, find out. Guesswork can not replace knowledge. Large companies and well known marketers spend a ton of money on researching keywords and phrases so they can rank higher at Google, Yahoo and MSN. All you have to do is find out what terms they are using and then buy the same keyword or phrase at KuleSearch. Keyword Spy can help you find out what search terms they are using so you can use them too.

Click here to get access to Keyword Spy...

Strategy 3: Long Tail Fruit...

If you want to get ranked for a term like "social media" you may find it easier to get ranked for a term like "how to use social media to increase business" and when you get ranked for the longer phrase you may also get ranked for "social media" too because it is part of the longer phrase.

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