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Throughout this site we stress the importance of having a sound linking strategy. Links are important. They take us where we want to go. This is why the internet is called the super highway. Links are roads that take us to our destination.

Here are some linking tips to maximize your success and get you in the right mindset.

  • Before you link to a keyword or phrase no matter how popular it is, your first thought should always be, is my website relevant to this keyword or phase?

    If your website is not relevant to the word or phrase you are linking to a couple of things will happen.

    Our search bots will find non relevant links and remove those listings from any search results.

    But the second, far more important, reason is people will get really ticked off and they won't click through to your website, or even if they do, you won't make any sales because your site is not related to what they orginally searched for.
  • If you link the same website to the same search terms over and over, make sure you vary your title and descriptions. These are your sales tools and you should use them to give people reasons to visit your website.

    Be sure to set up multiple titles and descriptions even if you use the same website link, and weave the keyword or phrase you are linking to into your description.
  • Try to find out, and link to, words and terms that people actually search on each month. This requires some research but a simple free tool you can use is the Google AdWords tool.

    Simply type in the keyword or phrase you are interested in larger box, leave the website link box blank, enter the captcha phrase and press search and a bunch of results will appear.

    This tool shows you how many global searches were done on a keyword or phrase and whether the number is sufficient enough to warrant buying the keyword or phrase or linking to it.

    If you want to spy on your competitors and see what words and phrases they are using, we suggest Keyword Spy. This is one of the best keyword research tools around.

    Larger companies spend many thousands of dollars on keyword research. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by simply spying on them and finding out what they use.


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