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Many people cannot afford highly popular keywords and phrases like FaceBook, Twitter, Social Media, Advertising. It is simply beyond their budget.

At KuleSearch you can still climb your way to the top, or very near it, by focusing on linking to popular keywords and phrases.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking right.

  • If you want to link to Brand name words like Twitter, make sure your website sells Twitter related products. This way you will avoid brand confusion issues and increase your websites ability to make sales.

  • When you link to a popular word or phrase make it part of your strategy to link multiple times to it. This will increase your rank in the search results. If your budget is tight don't try to do it all at once, do it over time. Linking multiple times is the next best thing to owning popular keywords and phrases.

  • If you are linking the same site to the same keyword or phrase, make sure you change the title and description slightly so it appears different. This will give you multiple chances to get people to click on your link and get them to your website.

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