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Let's say you have purchased some keywords or phrases the next task is to link your websites to them before others buy them from you.

When you own a keyword or phrase you can link your first website to it free, after that links to words or phrases you own will cost you $1.00 per link.

If you link to a word or phrase someone else owns then you will need pay normal market price at KuleSearch. Linking to keywords and phrases others own starts at $0.25 up to a maximum or $20.00 per link. If you cannot afford to purchase the most popular keywords this is your next best option especially if you have a number of different links to the same keywords and phrase.

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This strategy can help move your website ads so they appear in the top results on the first page when people search on the keyword or phrase you have linked to.

How high your website appears on the search results depends on the number of times you have linked to the keyword or phrase searched on. This gives you a way to get near the top even if you cannot afford popular keywords like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Lawyer and so on.

When you link to a popular Keyword or phrase you select the keyword or phrase you wish to link to, enter the website url you wish people to go to when they click your link, and then you enter a short description. Each link you and others enter is added to the database so it is searchable and will appear in the results when ever that keyword or phrase is searched on.

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